SOUND BRIDGE Single Splash

The world-novelty SOUNDBRIDGE SINGLE SPLASH, patented by M.DIZANI, is an ideal, high-quality accessory for all those who do not want to carry around a heavy cymbal stand but do not want to miss the grandiose sound of a splash cymbal. The optimum sound is developed with an 8" splash cymbal. With a frame made of high-quality wood, the SOUNDBRIDGE SINGLE SPLASH is the perfect solution for all musicians who want to be mobile – whether on the big or small stage, at home or on the road – thanks to their innovative, practical and compact yet stylish design. The SOUNDBRIDGE SINGLE SPLASH is easy to mount together with the Cajon. For space-saving storage, the components can be easily separated from each other with a few quick handholds and placed into the cajon bag - just as easily it can be re-assembled for the next musical activity!



Quality Handmade in Germany


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All benefits at a glance:


  • Wear with one hand - no heavy cymbal stands!
  • Height-adjustable cymbal holder for 8" splash cymbals
  • Sensational sound with a high-quality, handmade UFIP 8" Del Cajon splash cymbal
  • Quick and easy mounting on the Cajon with high-quality velcro
  • Installation on the right or left side of the cajon
  • Suitable for all cajons
  • Frame made of high quality wood
  • Quick and easy to assemble and dismantle - fits in every cajon bag!
  • Sound diversity in a small space
  • The meaningful extension to the cajon
  • Small, lightweight accessory with great sound
  • Expansion of a compact and mobile splash cymbal
  • The ideal addition when playing a cajon
  • Ideal for stage, mobile bands, street musicians and music sessions or simply at home
  • Optimal sound with 8" splash cymbal