My name is Mahyar Dizani. For many years, I have been a musician, designer in different fields and play different instruments. My main instruments are piano and percussion, and over the years I have learned and played many other instruments, such as saxophone and various string instruments. I've been working as a composer and songwriter for a long time.

My passion for percussion instruments is particularly great, as the sound and the rhythm have always fascinated me. That's why I worked as a pianist as well as a percussionist with many different musicians and artists. During my performances as a percussionist, I have always had new ideas on how to optimize the sound color and especially the handling of my instruments, or to expand my instruments with regard to sound diversity. Over time, the strong desire to develop these ideas grew. So, during the last few years, I began to develop additional tools and build my own. I would like to pass on this quality of sound to you through my high-quality, handmade products and thus promote the experience of playing for young and old.

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